Amy Climer

Amy is a greedy, capitalist loving conservative who spends her time mocking ridiculous liberal policies, hugging puppies, and thoroughly rejecting anything containing olives. Occasionally, she doles out advice to the liberal elites at For those of you with 140 character or less attention spans, catch her on Twitter at

Amy Miller

Amy Miller is your basic 20-something conservatarian nightmare. She woke up on Election Day 2008 in a terrible mood, opened an account on, and the rest is history. When she’s not locked away in the law school briefing cases and giving her opinion on “what Scalia would do in this case,” she spends her time making comedians laugh, progressives (and Establishment Republicans) scream, and fighting with Keith Olbermann on Twitter. (He always comes back for more.)

April D Gregory

Already well on her way to world domination (not by mere divide and conquer tactics, but purely kick butt and take names ops), April has taken up the hobby of political commentary. The product of small-town Indiana, April is the most low-maintenance, yet simultaneously, high maintenance person you’ll ever meet. She will either tell you nothing or tell you it exactly like it is, nice or otherwise. April is passionate about her belief in God, those she loves, those who need love, politics, sports and ice cream. Whether you’re looking for a date to the football game, an ice cream taste-tester or an energetic organizer to propel your campaign to victory, look no further than Pundit League’s one and only, April D. Gregory.

Ben Howe

Ben Howe is best known for his work as an obscure extra in the movie “The Patriot.” In addition to being a prolific tweeter, Ben is a contributor at and has garnered some attention for videos he made in the run up to the election that in the words of Marco Rubio “Absolutely made the difference for every candidate that won” though this quote can not be confirmed or verified in any way. His videos can be found here. It’s also advised that you follow him on twitter here. It can also be said with a fair amount of certainty that you can hear Ben’s thoughts every Monday night at 9pm EST on FTR Radio. Congratulations on reading this bio.

Brandon Kiser

Brandon Kiser is a conservative student and blogger. He is founder, chief blogger, and editor of The Right Sphere – a hub of right-minded blogs and news. In addition, he is a columnist for the Daily Caller and can be found nearly 24/7 (tweeting more than the average human should) as @BrandonKiser.

Brian Fojtik

Brian Fojtik got his start in politics by endorsing Ronald Reagan over President Gerald Ford in 1976. He was ten. Since then, he’s served in both policy and political positions and worked for a US Senator, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Senator, State Representative and a variety of candidates for office. In 1996, Brian decided to leave the public side of the equation and instead began traveling the country defeating ill-conceived legislation of naive, starry-eyed nanny state politicians. He’s got a strong libertarian streak and has killed thousands of bills in most states of the country. Follow Brian Fojtik on Twitter @PositiveEnerG.

Brian Lehman

Brian Lehman was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, as is shown by his strong and often annoying passion for the Phillies and Eagles. For his day job, Brian is fulfilling his lifelong dream to be a professional geek. While not at work, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and arguing on the Internet with both liberals and conservatives. If you enjoy talking about politics, sports, and general dorkery be sure to follow him on Twitter at @brainlemon. And if you just can’t get your fill, visit

Bryan Myrick

Following a passion for politics that was born of the friction between pre- and post-WWII generations of his family, Bryan began blogging in 2008 after fleeing a long career in the white-collar world of finance. He now spends his time in Seattle-area coffee shops, typing his rants against liberalism in 36-point Arial bold on a widescreen Dell. If you ask nicely, he may even show you his unrivaled collection of Scandinavian credit cards.

Bryan Tupper

Bryan Tupper is a young conservative from Florida. Bryan has three passions in life: politics, food, and movies. Currently Bryan serves as Assistant Secretary for the Florida Federation of Young Republicans. Listening to heavy metal is one of his favorite pastimes as well as watching re-runs of Boy Meets World and shows about amusement parks. Follow Bryan on twitter @BryTupper

Cole Campbell

Cole is a fifteen year old conservative. His political hero is Governor Chris Christie, and decided to get involved in politics when he saw the effect Keynesian economics were having on his future. You can follow him on Twitter at @colecamp (!/colecamp)

Dan Collins
Dan Collins lives in deep-blue Vermont, which is why all of his friends are on the internet. When he writes, he pretends to be knowledgeable about a variety of subjects. He is wholly owned and operated by a wife, three children and two cats.

Duchess Rebecca
Rebecca Grunewald is a ruling-class RINO, born and raised inside the beltway. She now plays modern domestic goddess in Middle America. Her hobbies include practicing elitism, eating peas and superior tweeting.

Eric Morris
Eric Morris is the founder of Pundit League. He approaches government much like Ron Swanson, “What exactly will you be cutting? And how much of it, and can I watch you do it while eating pork cracklings?” Eric Morris believes that limp handshakes are for weak men, liberals, and communist, none of which he likes very much.

Felicia Cravens
Felicia founded the Houston Tea Party Society in February 2009, which squeezed out her former allotment of time for puppetry, blogging, housework, studying parliamentary procedure, coupon shopping and much of family life. She still teaches drama after school, but has largely replaced those other pursuits with organizing, training, speaking and whatever else it is that tea party people do all day. She serves as the occasional small, emergency backup columnist at Liberty Juice, and haunts Twitter as @somethingfishie.

Fingers Malloy
Fingers T. Malloy is a shepherd of truth. In his spare time away from the Pundit League, you can find Fingers on The Snark Factor radio program, only on FTR Radio. Malloy’s musings can also be read at and his website, His hobbies include bullfighting, amateur origami and fly fishing without flies.

Glen Asbury
Glen has enjoyed reading and writing about politics for years, yet has managed the singular feat of not earning a penny from either pursuit, at least up to now. He is married to an attractive woman and has produced three beautiful daughters, two accomplishments which are a never-ending source of bemused shock, not only to Glen, but to just about everyone else. Glen resides in Kokomo, Indiana and is already mentally prepared to discuss what is about to roll off your tongue…namely, that your only familiarity with the town is connected to the Beach Boys’ song of the same title. He believes it is possible to be both amiably loyal and pointedly direct and attempts to live up to both standards. Food weighs in as a very close second to Glen’s primary love of politics and he is known to tweet incessantly about both.

It’s Only Words

It’s Only Words used to spend her days like other grandmothers, baking cookies and crocheting doilies. Then one day she noticed the Constitution was taking a beating and going down fast. Now she uses the only weapons at her disposal to preserve, defend and protect. “Words are loaded pistols.”

Jackie Seal

Jackie Seal is a conservative college student, born and raised a Spartan in the Wolverine State. She has recently begun dabbling in the game of politics and finds herself landing right of center. When she isn’t burying her face in political shenanigans she enjoys all things soccer, chocolate and can usually be found laughing uncontrollably at almost anything. [email protected]

Jacob Perry

Jacob Perry is a recovering liberal who is now a strategic political consultant for Republican candidates as well as a freelance writer. A former resident of Central Indiana, he lives on Florida’s Treasure Coast where he runs his own consulting firm. You can follow him on Twitter @jacobperry

James Tatman

James Tatman is an anachronism who fails to recognize that our inalienable right to happiness and liberty is subject to further legislation. He operates as a radical-minded technologist endorsing open software and vertical ingenuity, but secretly suspects that he may already be a sweepstakes winner. His spare moments find him obsessively producing lagers and ales of the finest quality in the noble tradition of our founding fathers. – @tatmantech

Jennifer Caballero

Jennifer Caballero is a 27-year-old Cuban American who considers herself a Palinista: a conservative woman, hear me roar. A Jersey gal that lives nowhere near the shore. I love following politics via Fox News and the blogosphere. I also have a quirky fascination with English politics, especially Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage. Tweeting is my hobby @cubachi and I display my political musings at,, and

Jenny Erikson

Jenny Erikson is a California Girl, the wife of a Viking, and the mother of Thing 1 and Thing 2. She is hopelessly addicted to Coke Zero, Twitter, politics, lip-gloss, and toddlers in footie pajamas. When she’s not busy redefining domesticity, she’s online ranting about stupid people on her blog and her podcast.

Jim Eltringham

Jim Eltringham specializes grassroots issue campaigns, message development, media strategy, and the sometimes contentious marriage between online activity and offline action. Eltringham also possesses a healthy interest in pop culture trends (but usually long after the cool kids have jumped on the bandwagon), especially as a courier of political messages. Before working in the glamorous world of online public affairs and media relations, Eltringham worked in the field with college conservative activists, helping them organize and craft messages to effectively articulate the ideas of liberty on their campus. A native of northeastern Pennsylvania and graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Eltringham now lives just inside the beltway in Falls Church, Va. and works on the reviled K Street in Washington, D.C. You can read more from Eltringham on Twitter @JimEltringham or on his blog at

Jimmie Bise, Jr

Jimmie runs The Sundries Shack and has his own very entertaining podcast called “The Delivery”. He is also an amateur musician, an aspiring composer, an unrepentant role-playing game geek, and an avid fan of Twitter.

Joshua Ecuyer

Spending his early years listening to conservative radio talk show hosts, and working on various candidate’s election campaigns, Joshua Ecuyer developed a zest for politics very young in life. Josh started his own blog, and more recently, began using Twitter to communicate his views on various political and social issues. His Twitter account now has over 25,000 followers, and he now ranks in the top #100 of Conservatives on Twitter, according to #tcot.

K.J. Adan

K.J. Adan is infamous in highly concentrated circles of cultish geeky fandom. She has drinks with fabulous people who pursue excellence & loathe intrusive government. K.J. lives in Los Angeles with two spoiled cats (Himalayan girl & Tuxedo boy) & a lawyer (Korean girl). She can be legally followed at & “like-liked” at

Kill Truck

Jennifer Dailing-Waite aka KillTruck is a wife, mother, blogger and unapologetic Bravo viewer from Eastern Washington. She writes about politics, pop culture, crime and American life at her blog, KillTruck, and contributes at POWIP. She also writes about raising her son with autism at Audacity To Cope. She is committed to reforming the Republican party from within

Kirstie Fredrich

Kirstie Fredrich is a college grad who survived the liberal indoctrination process and remained true to her Republican roots. Her interest in politics started on a cold, snowy day in November at four years old when her parents took her with them to vote. Ever since, she has been hooked and has volunteered on numerous campaigns, interned for two members of the Tennessee General Assembly and played a role in turning Pennsylvania RED in the 2010 midterm elections. She can be found on Twitter @klfredrich.

Lyndsey Fifield

Lyndsey Fifield is a Southern Belle new to DC. By day, she handles communications for political campaigns and is a writer for hire; by night, she bakes scones, listens to the sort of music that is appropriate for bathtub suicides (who jogs to Ray LaMontagne?), and rolls around on the floor with her golden retriever, Brinkley. Some folks believe she is cleverly disguised as a liberal since she drives a Prius, recycles her copious wine bottles, and goes to church with gay people… but not too many liberals carry pistols in their pansy hybrid cars or scream during Auburn football. She blogs at and tweets @lyndseyfifield.

Media Lizzy

Elizabeth Blackney, better known as Media Lizzy, enjoys playing with fire. Formerly known as a Communications & Media Director for statewide and presidential political types, Lizzy – a name given to her by one of those Ruling Class RINOs – now focuses on writing about national security, ending genocide in Africa and the funding of evil via conflict minerals. She also likes nuclear energy and the Mutually Assured Destruction policies that fueled the Cold War.

Molly Teichman

Molly Teichman is wife to one @brentteichman and mother to three Little Teichs. Molly went “all in” as a political geek launching her thought-wagon Political Mommentary. Molly likes to insist she “defines Mommentary through impersonation.” Fine print: Failure to understand is a personal problem and should in no way reflect adversely upon the writer of such nonsense. Molly is co-host of Smart Girl Nation on FTRradio, and contributes to both The Snark Factor and Fringe411. Awards include “Top 100 Mom-bloggers on Twitter (@Mommentator)” and “One of the top 25 Political Moms likely to change your vote.”

Neil Stevens

Neil Stevens is a software engineer and online conservative activist in California. He is a freelance contributor for the Examiner Opinion Zone blog, a contributing editor at, and the founder of


Raised by Secular Liberal Hippies in California who later became Christian Reagan Conservatives, she somehow survived her childhood. Seeing Liberalism at its worst and Conservatism at its best, there was a clear choice to be made. She chose the dark side of Conservatism. Join me.

Pamela Gorman

Pamela Gorman brings to political commentary what former NFL players bring to post-game analysis… credibility. She served in the Arizona House and Senate (as Majority Whip) before running for Congress. While custom may require us to refer to her as “Senator,” she prefers “Pamela” (which tells you a lot about her). Keith Olbermann, though, calls her “Machine Gun Gorman,” which works for her, too. Her voting record and bad-ass-tax-hike fighter reputation tell you what her core values are, but you will be surprised by her disarming humor and pragmatism. She lives in suburbia heaven in Anthem, AZ with her teenage son and a black cat named “Jack.” As one of the most active politicians on social media, she has a national following that both inspires her to stay involved and creeps her out. Join the stalkers today @PamelaGorman!

Tom Ziegmann

Born with a computer in his hand and raised a conservative, Tom has been living and breathing both technology and politics his whole life. While in high school, Tom interned at Microsoft, and now owns his own consulting firm, specializing in information technology. In his spare time, Tom enjoys writing, reading books about American history, and spending time with friends and family.