Coming in 369 Days, The 2012 Iowa Caucus

We are, almost, officially one year out from the first in the nation caucus which takes place in the great state of Iowa. Did I mention that I live in Iowa? The Iowa Caucus will take place Tuesday, February 6, 2012. This is a month later than it is usually held. According to The Washington Post, the RNC changed the date “to make it difficult for a candidate to rack up an insurmountable number of delegates early in the process, forcing candidates to campaign across the country.” Perhaps taking votes away from someone like former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who is a very likeable guy who spent a lot of time schmoozing in Iowa.

The Iowa caucus is like the Iowa State Fair for political junkies albeit in freezing cold temps. News trucks line the downtown streets. The local economy gets fatter as familiar faces from television and the campaign trail feast on corn fed beef or pork at neighborhood eateries with dark bars. Restaurateurs and residents alike cheerfully take note of their famous guests, spreading the word of sightings as fast as their fingers can text.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love the Iowa caucus. As an implant from the Washington DC area, the buzz leading up to the Iowa caucus gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. You know that feeling that most people get when they smell their grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies? I get that way when I smell Italian leather, cashmere and single malt scotch with a hint of smugness and nicotine.

My point is, we republicans have another year before we get to decide who we are going to put up against President Obama for the 2012 Presidential Election and in doing so, what platform we are going to support most. I am in favor of any candidate with a strong economical plan; plan being the operative word.

We must choose wisely and think in terms of putting forth a winner, a republican candidate with core conservative principles who has a specific economic plan that will lure independents who are fed up with rhetoric and ready for real change and growth. This candidate must campaign on issues that matter today, not issues of the past. And their campaign must go beyond talking points and one-liners.

The republican pool for the presidency is going to be bigger than ever. President Obama is a master campaigner who will likely have a billion dollars at his disposal. His oratory skills and charisma on the stump will be hard to match so we mustn’t try. Facts, figures, methods and means are the only way to defeat Obama. So, I implore you to put your litmus tests away, social cons; a RINO in the White House > Barack Obama.…