Defend Women. Defend Life.

When the gut-wrenching story broke of the Philadelphia abortionist that routinely delivered live, viable babies before jamming scissors into their brains to kill them, I had to write about it.

The part of the story that struck me so deeply was the desperation that those women felt walking into that clinic. I don’t believe that anyone wants an abortion; but that women are pressured by family, friends, and society (mostly well-meaning, I’m sure) to believe that the procedure is no big deal.

How far below rock bottom does a woman have to be to walk into a filthy ‘clinic’ and have the kicking, squirming life sucked out of her? That woman needs love and support, not the legal right to an abortion. In the article I wrote, I mentioned some ways to actually help pregnant women, such as donating money to cover prenatal care for those that can’t afford it, bringing meals to single moms trying to make it, or volunteering with a pregnancy care center or adoption agency.

For that I got called a woman-hater.

It turns out that unless one believes that a mother-to-be has the right to end the life of her unborn child, that person hates women. I vehemently dispute that claim. I do like women. I like men, too for the record. I like all people no matter how big or small, no matter their age, and no matter where they live: In a mansion, on the street, or in a uterus.

I believe that God created humans (and other stuff … like everything), and even though you’re not going to get along with everyone, life is worthy of respect.

It has been the battle cry of the feminist left for decades to defend a woman’s right to choose, no matter what the cost. What are a few miniscule lives cut short when what really matters is college or a career? The right to choose abortion must be defended above all else – for womyn!

Pro-choice advocates say that legal abortion keeps women safe. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthooddirector turned pro-life activist talks about her former life:

“I thought … I can’t live with myself if I were to turn these women away, and they were to go and have an illegal abortion and then possibly die from it … that’s really how I rationalized it in my mind. I really believed I was following God’s will.

Pro-choicers want so badly to believe that legal abortion is rare and safe, but the facts just aren’t there. Abortion is far from rare, with about a quarter of all pregnancies in the United States ending in abortion. As we’ve seen recently with the Philadelphia abortion house of horrors story, legalized abortion does not equal safe abortions.

But, but, but, the feminists cry, that’s the exception, not the rule! Is it really the exception? What about this clinic in California, is it an exception too? How about this one in Florida? Ohio? Maryland? New Mexico? I could go on, but it’s late and I’m tired, and frankly, googling sketchy baby-killing centers is making me want to cry and vomit and then cry some more.

What about the Planned Parenthood facility in New Jersey whose manager giggled at the idea of fourteen-year-old sex slaves having abortions? Is that an exception too? This manager also gave business advice to the undercover pimp after she revealed that the girls would have to wait at least two weeks after an abortion to have sex.

“I mean they still gotta make money, you know?” the poor pimp worried. The clinic manager responded, “Waist up … or just be that extra action walking by.”

Can we please stop pretending that abortion helps women? Abortion destroys more than a tiny human life; it destroys relationships, breaks hearts, brings unspeakable grief, and is a defenseless practice that brings nothing but suffering and pain to everyone involved.

I defend life. What do you defend?…